Inherit the Magokoro to the Next Generation

Magokoro for Omotenashi

Japanese cultures such as spirit of tea ceremony and Japanese cuisine culture has been attracting worldwide attention.
They are mostly established in Azuchi-Momoyama era and continue to this day to evolve.
Speaking about those evolution, it is hard not to mention the aspirations of our predecessors, the unflagging efforts they gave, their enthusiasm of challenging to create something entirely new, and the strong commitment to inherit the precious traditions to the next generation.
Magokoro’s is the one and only tableware that is created with high esteem of those spirit of predecessors.
Magokoro follow the tradition and challenge to create something new for Omotenashi (to entertain and delight the guests).
It would be grateful if you could feel the essence of Omotenashi with Magokoro’s tableware.

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Vol.36 2019-2022